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Friday, November 14, 2014

Discover Mountain Wildflowers in Wyoming

In this montane meadow at Togwotee Pass in Wyoming, discover wildflowers and the meadow thistle (Cirsium scaroiosum).


While some people collect photos of architecture or kittens, I love thistles. Native thistles in their natural environment. 

meadow thistle (Cirsium scaroiosum)
Unlike most thistles, the meadow thistle has a single thick stalk with numerous flowers close together encircling the crown. Fine hairs on the leaves reflect the sun making the plant appear to glow on the mountain slopes. 

I have a hunch these plants really dazzle in the ultraviolet part of the light spectrum, creating a beacon to attract native bees and insects. The meadow thistle lives at high elevation and must attract its pollinators during a short alpine summer. 

creamy buckwheat (Eriogonium umbellatum var. subalpinum)

Togwotee Pass is adjacent to Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park. (watch bison in Yellowstone)

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