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Organic Sound

Listen to the sounds of distant places. The audio accompanying these EarthMinutes was recorded professionally in the field.

In western Mongolia looking at the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Listen to the River! Russian River Adventure Canoe Trip, Healdsburg, CA
The Voices of a River - Lamoille Canyon, NV
Lamoille Canyon Before Breakfast, NV (river and environment)
Wind Across Western Mongolia
Mongolia - Listen to the Wind Across the Gobi
Australian Great Barrier Reef Swim (parrot fish, zebra fish, giant clams, coral)
Autumn Walk in New York's Central Park (in the rain) 
In Hot Water - Yellowstone Basin - Yellowstone National Park (geysers & paint pots)
Storm Brewing over Grand Tetons National Park, WY (storm)
Discover Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA (stream and water seeps)
Gold Bluffs Beach, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA (wind and waves)
See Yellowstone Hot Pools Bubbling (geothermal pools)
Sounds of Summer - August in Illinois (high prairie insects)
Listen to The Dragon (Yellowstone National Park)
Arroyo Seco - Angeles National Forest (stream)
Listen to the Rocky Surf - Glacier Bay National Park 
Santana Winds Come to Los Angeles  
Night Sounds - Massacre Rocks State Park, Idaho (insect calls)
Record a Stream - Mount Seymour Provincial Park, Vancouver, B.C.  
Swim Up a Salmon Ladder (Capilano Salmon Hatchery, Vancouver, B.C.) 
Listen to a Storm - Kakadu, Northern Australia 

flying fox bats, Queensland Australia
Flying Foxes in Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Bewick's Wrens Build a Nest
Watch Green Ants, Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia (sounds of rainforest)
Sea Birds on the Great Barrier Reef, Michaelmas Cay, Queensland, Australia
This Morning in a Habitat Garden (oak titmouse calling, Bewick's wren)
Wild Sulphur-crested Cockatoos on the Defense (with common brushtail possum)
Water for Hot Summer Bees (California)
Great Horned Owl Takes Shelter (prairie wind and bird calls)
California Towhee Guarding a Chick
Visiting an Old Friend in Red Bluff (California, ancient oak, acorn woodpecker) 
Walk Back in Time, Seoul Korea (cicadas) 
Ravens Complain on a Power Pole
Private Lives of Cooper's Hawk & Raven (raven calling, quality poor) 

Listen to Dinosaurs 

Human Sounds
Listen to The Earth Minute in an Antique Clock Shop, Pacific Grove, CA
Taboose Creek, California - What is that sound?
Sounds of San Francisco - Hyde Street Pier 
Train Crossing - Listen to the Sounds of August 
New Year's Torch Parade, Snow Summit, Big Bear, CA 
Take A Seaplane from Vancouver to Victoria, British Columbia 
Take an 18th Century Carriage Ride - Colonial Williamsburg, VA 
Walk with Us - WomensMarch L.A. 1/21/2017 

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