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Continental United States
Los Angeles, California area
Yellowstone Bison Jam (American bison, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming)
In Hot Water - Yellowstone Basin - Visiting Yellowstone National Park
Busy Beavers in Nevada? (Lamoille Canyon, Ruby Mountains, Nevada)
The Voices of a River - (Lamoille Canyon, Ruby Mountains, Nevada)
Lamoille Canyon Before Breakfast, NV  - (Lamoille Canyon, Ruby Mountains, Nevada)
Autumn Walk in New York's Central Park  - (New York City, New York)
Walking to Ft. Tryon and the Cloisters, New York City (New York City, New York)
Discover Mountain Wildflowers in Wyoming - (near Tetons National Park, Wyoming)
Storm Brewing over Grand Tetons National Park, WY
See Yellowstone Hot Pools Bubbling (Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming)
Listen to The Dragon (Yellowstone National Park)
Sounds of Summer - August in Illinois 
Train Crossing in Illinois - Listen to August 
Dawn on the Tallgrass Prairie - Jarrett Prairie Center, Byron Illinois 
Great Horned Owl Takes Shelter - Jarrett Prairie Center, Byron Illinois 
A Day in the Badlands (South Dakota) 
Night Sounds - Massacre Rocks State Park, Idaho 
Fire in Central Oregon 2014 (tallgrass prairie) 
Crater Lake National Park Walk
Happy 100th Birthday U.S National Parks (Wyoming, California, South Dakota, & more) 
Watch a Winter Sunset - Williamsburg, VA 
Take an 18th Century Carriage Ride - Colonial Williamsburg, VA 

Glacier Bay National Park - See a Whale Tail
Longest Day of the Year - Glacier Bay, Southeast Alaska
Listen to the Rocky Surf - Glacier Bay, Southeast Alaska
See the Mendenhall Glacier - Southeast Alaska  
Baby Moose Loose in Alaska (Anchorage area)

Mamukala Wetlands, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territories, Australia
Cape Tribulation, Queensland - Watch Green Tree Ants
See Natural Art on a Tropical Australian Beach (sand dabbler crabs)
Flying Foxes in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia
Sea Birds on Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia  
Spotting a Lace Monitor in the Wild
Australian Great Barrier Reef Swim (parrot fish, zebra fish, giant clams, coral)
Meet the Dugong
Take a Cruise on the Yellow Water, Kakadu, Australia (birds & saltwater crocodile)
Experience Mamukala Wetlands at Dusk (Kakadu: birds & agile wallaby)
Sulfur-crested Cockatoo on the Defense (Kakadu, Australia)
Listen to Dinosaurs 
Meet The Platypus
Listen to a Storm - Kakadu, Northern Australia 

Catch a View and Catch a Pike, Squanga Lake, Yukon, Canada 
Floating the Outlet Stream - Squanga Lake, Yukon, Canada (arctic grayling) 
Swim Among the Canada Geese (Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.) 
Record a Stream - Mount Seymour Provincial Park, Vancouver, B.C. 
Swim with Spotted Jellies (Vancouver Aquarium)
Swim Up a Salmon Ladder (Capilano Salmon Hatchery, Vancouver, B.C.)
Take A Seaplane from Vancouver to Victoria, British Columbia
Take A Trip Out of Victoria Harbor Vancouver Island B.C. (killer whales) 

Springtime Walk Through the Gardens of Versailles

Stroll Kew Gardens, London (European robin)

Wind Across Western Mongolia
Mongolia - Wind Across the Gobi (Mongolian lizards, snake, and human culture)

Walk Back in Time, Seoul Korea (palace and gardens)
Aphrodisia and Temple of Aphrodite, Anatolia, Turkey

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