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Human Culture

Some Earth Minutes include human culture.

Take a Walk Up to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, CA
Hand Made
Listen to The Earth Minute in an Antique Clock Shop - Pacific Grove, CA
Walk to The Getty Center (sculpture) 
Visit Southern California Flower Show 
Make a Mini Garden (How to make a fairy garden)
Train Crossing in Illinois - Listen to August
How Do Trees Dream (fiber art)
How Tall is a Redwood Tree? (fiber art)
Stroll Kew Gardens, London (Palm House)
An Ice-Aged Earth Day (George C. Page Museum sculptures)
Walk With Us - WomensMarch L.A. 1/21/2017 (pussyhats) 

Heron Gate on Los Angeles River
The Los Angeles River
Discover the Headwaters of the Los Angeles River (least sandpipers, American crows) 
Walking the L.A. River - West San Fernando Valley (killdeer, mallards, American crows)
Discover L.A. River at Sepulveda Basin (red-tailed hawk, Canada geese, American wigeon)
Sepulveda Basin - An Earth Minute in One Spot (American coot, double-crested cormorant, song sparrow) 
Walking the L.A. River - Glendale Narrows (black-necked stilt, American wigeon)
L.A. River Thru Atwater Village (black-necked stilt, Canada geese, coyote) 

New Year's Torch Parade, Snow Summit, Big Bear CA
World Cultures
Wind Across Western Mongolia
Mongolia - Listen to the Wind Across the Gobi (gur tents) 
Springtime Walk Through the Gardens of Versailles France
Listen to a Train Crossing - Illinois in August
New Year's Torch Parade, Snow Summit, Big Bear CA  
Night Sounds - Massacre Rocks State Park, Idaho (Oregon Trail stop)
Watch a Winter Sunset - Williamsburg, VA 
Take an 18th Century Carriage Ride - Colonial Williamsburg, VA 

Island fox - saved by positive human actions
Human Impacts
See the Mendenhall Glacier, Southeast Alaska (Climate Change)
Taboose Creek, California - What is that sound?
Fire in Central Oregon 2014 
Swim Up a Salmon Ladder (Capilano Salmon Hatchery, Vancouver, B.C.)
Saved by the Endangered Species Act - Santa Cruz Island fox   

Temple of Aphrodite, Aphrodisia, Turkey
Ancient Folks
See Aphrodisia and the Temple of Aphrodite, Anatolia, Turkey
See the "Island of the Blue Dolphins" - San Nicolas Island, CA
Sequoia National Park - More Than Big Trees (Native American rock art) 
Walk Back in Time, Seoul Korea (palace and gardens)