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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Where will you be for the American Eclipse? - August 21, 2017

Coming up on Monday, August 21, 2017 
OK, OK we know...
But do you, really?  Where will you be?

NASA Eclipse State Maps:
(includes viewable and printable maps showing the eclipse pathway and times)

You can see a partial eclipse anywhere in North America!

 In Southern California? 
See the 60-70% partial eclipse!

What Do You Need For Viewing?
  1. Solar filters for eyes, cameras, and scopes:

    Camera Obscura (indirect observation): a pinhole in a card to project the image of the Sun. 

For our friends in Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory posted a great .gif to show the partial eclipse.

 Sun Viewed through a solar filter

We really like their name for the eclipse:


Look for the patterns in the shadows from leaves on the ground.. or your house!
 For More on Eclipses.. 

The Earth Minute presents: the American Total Solar Eclipse 

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