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Earth Minutes with wildlife!

humpback whale, Alaska
Watch Green Tree Ants, Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia
Up a Tree - Ants & an Ash Tree, After Fire, Part 3 (California) 
Watching Valley Carpenter Bees  (California)
Water for Hot Summer Bees (California)
Native CA Plantscape (honey bees)
Take a Closer Look at the Gray Bird Grasshopper (California) 
Visit Pierce College Botanical Garden - Hidden Garden L.A. #3 (white-checker butterfly)
Discover Mountain Wildflowers in Wyoming (bumble bee and butterfly)
Close-up with a Red Jumping Spider (California)
Sounds of Summer - August in Illinois (bees & butterfly)
Honey Bees in Lemon Tree
Train Crossing in Illinois - Listen to the Sounds of August (insect calls) 
Butterflies in Illinois 
Signs of Spring (mourning cloak butterfly and honey bees)
Anise Swallowtail Butterfly
Night Sounds - Massacre Rocks State Park, Idaho (insect calls)
Walk Back in Time, Seoul Korea (cicadas)   

Arctic grayling, Yukon Canada
Longest Day of the Year - Glacier Bay, Southeast Alaska (small marine fish chased by predator)
Catch a View and Catch a Pike, Squanga Lake, Yukon, Canada 
Floating the Outlet Stream - Squanga Lake, Yukon, Canada (arctic grayling)
Australian Great Barrier Reef Swim (parrot fish, zebra fish, giant clams, coral)
Visit a Kelp Forest at CA Science Center (CA sheepshead, moray eel, sand shark, halibut, herring)
Plunge into a California Tide Pool (sea stars, swell shark, sea cucumber, garibaldi fish) 
Swim with Spotted Jellies (Vancouver Aquarium) 
Swim Up a Salmon Ladder (coho salmon)   

California desert tortoise, CA
See Aphrodisia and The Temple of Aphrodite, Anatolia, Turkey (spur-thighed tortoise)
Visit Pierce College Botanical Garden - Hidden Garden L.A. #3 (red-eared slider)
This Morning in a Habitat Yard (CA desert tortoise)
Backyard Breakfast - Reptile Style (CA desert tortoise & western fence lizard)
Desert Tortoise Hibernation
Signs of Spring (California desert tortoise)
Autumn in L.A. (California desert tortoise)  

ring-necked snake, CA

Lizards & Snakes
Wind Across Western Mongolia (unidentified lizard species)
Spotting a Lace Monitor in the Wild
Watching Lizards in Southern California (western fence lizard & southern alligator lizard)
Ring-necked Snake in the Garden
Mongolia - Wind Across the Gobi (Gobi desert lizards and snakes)
Rescuing an Alligator (juvenile southern alligator lizard)
Alligator Lizard Hunting (southern alligator lizard)

black-bellied slender salamander, CA

Hike Limekiln Canyon Park (Pacific tree frog)
Black-bellied Slender Salamander 

little kingfisher, Yellow Water Kakadu Nat'l Park Australia
Bewick's Wrens Build a Nest
Walk the Beach in Malibu, California (osprey, long-billed curlew, shore birds)
Sea Birds on Great Barrier Reef, Michaelmas Cay, Queensland, Australia
Longest Day of the Year - Glacier Bay, Southeast Alaska (bald eagle)
Visit Malibu Legacy Park (great-tailed grackle, snowy egret)
Watching a Snowy Egret 
Take a Cruise on the Yellow Water, Kakadu, Australia (azure, little, & forest kingfishers, brolga, white-bellied sea eagle, & saltwater crocodile) 
This Morning in a Habitat Yard (CA towhee, band-tailed pigeons, ruby-crowned kinglet, Bewick's wren)
Walk Mullholland Hwy, Santa Monica Mts. (CA towhee)
Wild Sulphur-crested Cockatoos on the Defense (with common brushtail possum)
Birds and Marine Mammals of CA Channel Islands (western gull, brown booby)
Visit Homes High Above Palm Springs (woodpecker nests)
Great Horned Owl Takes Shelter - Jarrett Prairie Center, Byron Illinois 
Discover the Headwaters of the Los Angeles River (least sandpipers, American crows) 
Walking the L.A. River - West San Fernando Valley (killdeer, mallards, American crows)
Walking the L.A. River - Glendale Narrows (black-necked stilt, American wigeon)
Band-tailed Pigeons Take over FeederWatch
Discover L.A. River at Sepulveda Basin (red-tailed hawk, Canada geese, American wigeon)
An Earth Minute in One Spot (American coot, double-crested cormorant, song sparrow) 
Winter Walk at Lake Tahoe, CA (white-headed woodpecker) 
Winter Birding at Descanso Gardens, CA (hooded merganser, mallard, American coot, northern shoveler, great egret) 
Winter Walk at Big Bear Lake, CA (pygmy nuthatch, Steller's jay) 
Stroll Kew Gardens, London (European robin)
Bird on a Frozen Big Bear Lake, CA (harrier hawk, American coot, mallard, ruddy duck, great blue heron)
Under Young Oaks (mourning dove)
Storm Brewing over Grand Tetons National Park, WY (white pelican)
L.A. River Thru Atwater Village (black-necked stilt, Canada geese, coyote)
Experience Mamukala Wetlands at Dusk (magpie geese, pied heron, royal spoonbill, great egret, whistling kite, plumed whistling duck, bush hen)
California Towhee Guarding a Chick  
Visiting an Old Friend in Red Bluff (acorn woodpecker, mourning dove, hawk)
Swim Among the Canada Geese 
Ravens Complain on a Power Pole 
Private Lives of Cooper's Hawk & Raven 

Channel Island fox pup, CA
Hiking Los Virgenes Open Space, CA (coyote)
See a Whale's Tail, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska (humpback whale)
Come Whale Watching Off the Coast of CA (gray whale)
Birds and Marine Mammals of CA Channel Islands (long & short-beaked common dolphin, blue & fin whale)
See Common Dolphins & Brown Pelicans Fishing (CA coast) 
Take A Trip Out of Victoria Harbor Vancouver Island B.C. (killer whales) 
Flying Foxes in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia (flying fox bats)
Visit Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park (endangered Channel Island fox) 
Summer Visit to Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park, CA (Channel Island fox, common long-beaked dolphins) 
See the "Island of the Blue Dolphins"- San Nicolas Island, CA (CA sea lions & Channel Island fox)
Yellowstone Bison Jam (American bison)
Meet the Dugong
Meet a Channel Island Fox 
Visit Conejo Valley Botanical Garden - Hidden Garden L.A. #4 (fox squirrel)
Meet a Roosevelt Elk (Cervus elaphus roosevelti) 
Meet The Platypus 
Baby Moose Loose in Alaska 
Dawn on the Tallgrass Prairie - Jarrett Prairie Center, Byron Illinois (cottontail rabbits)
L.A. River Thru Atwater Village (black-necked stilt, Canada geese, coyote)
Walking to Ft. Tryon and the Cloisters, New York City (black morph fox squirrel)
A Day in the Badlands (prairie dog, chipmunk) 
Experience Mamukala Wetlands at Dusk (agile wallaby)
Crater Lake National Park Walk (golden-mantled ground squirrel) 
Walk Among the Oaks (fox squirrel)
Saved by the Endangered Species Act - Santa Cruz Island fox 
Do Raccoons Come Out During the Day?     

See Natural Art on a Tropical Australian Beach (sand dabbler crabs)
Listen to Dinosaurs 
Happy 100th Birthday U.S National Parks (various)