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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Visit a Kelp Forest at California Science Center - Hidden Gardens of L.A. #5

Some gardens are underwater. In the heart of Los Angeles, the California Science Center offers an opportunity for everyone to experience the wonder of a California kelp forest. 


Kelp forests are a vital marine ecosystem providing important resources and protection for fish species and other marine life.

male California sheepshead (Semicossyphus pulcher)
  Look For:
  • Close-up tanks: Allowing you to see crustaceans, anemones, and small fish up close
  • Fish Identification Charts highlighting the variety of coastal fish species
  • SeaFood Watch Interactive Kiosk: Sit down at a lunch counter and discover how you can help keep oceans healthy by making wise seafood choices.
  • Interactive Games: Be a barnacle and experience the challenge of a stationary creature trying to catch its food.

Special Opportunities:
A Touch Table on the outdoor observation deck offers a hands-on opportunity to experience kelp forest and tide pool creatures. The Kelp Forest is just one Ecosystem highlighted at the California Science Center. You can also explore Islands, Deserts, and more.

A food court within the Science Center.

The Specifics:
  • Open: Daily 10 AM - 5 PM, FREE admission
  • Parking: Ample $10 parking adjacent to the Science Center; Also accessible via the Metro Expo Line (exit at the Expo Park/USC station and walk .2 miles south of the Rose Garden).
  • Restrooms: Numerous
  • Kid Friendly: The California Science Center is designed for kids (of all ages)
  • Accessibility: Readily accessible with elevators to the different floors
  • Dogs: No dogs allowed.
  • Restrictions: Weekends and school holidays can be busy. Special exhibits and the Space Shuttle Endeavor require paid or timed tickets.

More Information:

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