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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Visit to Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park, CA

Scorpion Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island
Take a 1-Minute escape to California's Channel Islands and experience the combination of land and sea that makes Channel Islands National Park a true California get away.


Santa Cruz Island is home to a variety of plants and animals found no where else in the world. 

The Santa Cruz Island fox (Urocyon litteralis santacruzae) is an endangered species and is successfully recovering from near extinction.

Plants are also special here. The candleholder dudleya (Dudleya candelabrum) is found only on the northern Channel Islands. It is a kind of plant known commonly as a "live-forever." These succulents can stay dormant through extended periods of drought and then revive when rainfall returns. An excellent adaptation for survival on the Channel Islands.

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