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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Find Your Earth Minute - Stop in One Place

The Earth Minute is all about taking a moment to connect with the world around you. Linger in one place for a few minutes and be amazed at the life around you.


Looking for just a few minutes at one spot at Sepulveda Wildlife Basin we spotted:
  • American coots
  • song sparrow
  • double-crested cormorant
  • mosquito fish
  • a true bug

You can find an Earth Minute anywhere, just stop and focus outside of yourself.

Green ant
More Earth Minutes with...
The tiny: Green Ants; Valley Carpenter Bee, Illinois Butterflies

The shy: Bewick’s wrens, Great Horned Owl Taking Shelter

The common: Western Fence Lizards, Los Angeles River
The unusual: Strange Art on an Australian Beach, Wind Across Mongolia, Encounter with a Lace Monitor, Trees Dreaming

Another Moment in One Place
More of Sepulveda Basin and the Los Angeles River 

Go Find Your Earth Minute

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