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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bird on a Frozen Big Bear Lake in CA

Grout Bay, Big Bear Lake, California and a frozen over lake
With California's Big Bear Lake nearly frozen over this January, ducks and other water birds clustered together in the one area free of ice. The flocks of birds attracted a predator.


immature harrier hawk beside prey
Harrier hawks typically prey on other birds. This day an American coot was its victim. However, in a cold winter environment, this meal meant survival for the immature harrier. 

The small area of open water was filled with mallards, ruddy ducks, northern shovelers, teal, grebes, common golden-eyes, buffleheads, CA gulls and mergansers.

mallards and ruddy ducks just feet from the harrier and coot
The other birds were more curious than frightened by the hawk. They seemed to understand that as long as the harrier was paying attention to the coot, they were not in any danger.

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  1. you get a good moment in time when getting photos ducks and other water birds gather together in Big Bear Lake