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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Do Raccoons Come Out During the Day?

Here is your answer. This Earth Minute is brought to you by Bodie the dog and the neighborhood canines.


Raccoons (Procyon lotor) are abundant in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. For the last two nights we have heard two raccoons making their chittering talk at night. It isn't often that we see them in the middle of the day, but today was the exception.

This adult raccoon might have gotten hot in its daylight retreat. The weather was unusually warm today. Traveling along the fence top, the neighborhood dogs spotted it and sounded the alarm. Bodie is big enough that the raccoon took to the tree for protection.

A half hour of contained dogs and the raccoon had moved on. It'll probably be back in the early morning to explore the backyard mud for grubs and other morsels.

It's not often that a large mammal makes an unexpected visit. It's nice to have a moment with wildness here in the heart of Los Angeles. 

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