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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Escape to a Mini Garden

Sometimes the world can be overwhelming. A mini-garden offers all of the beauty and creativity of a large garden, but with minimal effort.

In a minute we'll redo an entire garden and then wander through three mini-landscapes.


This mini-garden has gotten overgrown. The large succulent, that mimics a tree, is fine, but the rest needs trimming and removing.

When you layout a mini-garden, imagine how you would want to experience a large garden: pathways, places to sit, elements to watch.

Find plants with small habits, diminutive leaves and flowers. Add a tiny bench, bird bath, or other items you might find in your ideal garden. Have a focal point: tree, fountain, decorative rock or sculpture, bench, etc.

A mini-garden can be tended in an Earth Minute. Though small, these gardens bring all of the relaxation and calm of a large garden with less time and water.

You can also enjoy public gardens. Check out free public gardens: Hidden Gardens of Los Angeles.

More Mini-Gardens

Let The Earth Minute inspire you to get out once a week to a new experience.

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