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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Walk Mulholland Hwy, Santa Monica Mts, CA

Looking for easy hiking terrain and great views of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley? 

Mulholland Drive / Hwy is a famous road in Los Angeles. It winds its way from the Hollywood Hills overlooking downtown, along the ridge of the Santa Monica Mountains and eventually to the sea near Leo Carrillo Beach. But a section has never been paved and is maintained as a fire-fighting access road. The wide dirt road is closed to vehicles and makes for easy walking with fantastic views.


Walk the southern end of Mulholland's unpaved section with us in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. 

Take in the colors of the chaparral hillsides. Keep your eyes open for wildlife, especially birds. And be amazed by the spring wildflowers even in a drought year.

Golden stars (Boomeria crocea) are a native California chaparral wildflower, most closely related to lilies. The small amount of rain we had this spring was enough to encourage these ephemeral blooms to send up a flower stalk.

Other chaparral wildflowers: coyote mint, buckwheat, bush monkey flower, and more.

The manroot or wild cucumber (Marah fabaceus) is one of California's few native vines. It produces lemon-sized prickly seed pods that dry and burst open to spread the seed. The entire vine dies back, but the root lives on underground. Sometimes reaching the size of a person. It's a perfect adaptation for survival in a land of summer drought.

The dirt road is open to people, dogs, and horses. Rattlesnakes can be present. For the safety of dogs and wildlife, PLEASE keep dogs on a leash.

Side trails abound, be alert for mountain lions.

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