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Friday, March 25, 2016

Signs of Spring in California

native California holly-leafed cherry
Spring is in full bloom. California's native plants have taken advantage of the late winter rain and are bursting with flowers. The bees are active and the California desert tortoises are grudgingly awake.

mourning cloak chrysalis
An Earth Minute can give you the chance to make discoveries in your own backyard, like the mourning cloak butterflies that have already gone from caterpillar to chrysalis and the Bewick's wrens that are nesting in the lariat bird house.

The ceanothus's blue blooms and the white flowers of the Catalina cherry and holly-leaf cherry are filled with bees. The mallow and sage are bursts of color wooing the desert tortoises to wake up and explore. 

The dudleya is still working on its flower spike, while the various lavenders fill the air with an exotic spice. We've even seen the lesser goldfinches eat the lavender seeds.

This marks our second anniversary of Earth Minutes. Take a moment to discover your own Earth Minute, then come back and explore our 104 one-minute adventures.

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