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Thursday, March 3, 2016

California's Liveforevers - Dudleya

California's dudleya, also known as liveforever, are native plants truly adapted for drought. These succulents store water in their fleshy leaves. The plant can dry out, almost completely, and revive when rain finally returns.

While the mainland species has flat gray leaves, numerous leaf shapes, flower color, and foliage color have evolved on California's Channel Islands. Island isolation has led to the evolution of numerous species in niche habitats.


Flowers typically appear on stalks that rise up from the plant's stem or from between leaves. 

Dudleya diversity is inspiring. The shapes and charisma of these plants is the perfect example of survival adaptations and the unique character of California's native plant species.

Go Native. Plant California native plants and create habitat while you save water.

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  1. What is the name of the dudleya in the last picture? The green one with flat narrow leaves? Thanks for your answer in advance.

    1. I'm not positive which Channel Island species this is. The leaves are long and narrow, but not flat. They are almost tubular. This plant came from the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden.