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Thursday, November 17, 2016

You Need a Romp at the Beach

Nothing more to say. We all need to find our Happy Place again so we can move forward.

Take a minute for a Romp on the Beach!


Leo Carrillo State Beach just north of Malibu has a beach area north of the 3rd Life Guard station were dogs are welcome. Stay on-leash and pick-up after your four-legged pal so we can keep this beach open for dog folks.

Dog Friendly Beaches in Los Angeles

More Earth Minutes to Replenish the Spirit

Discover Fern Canyon, Redwoods State Park
Bodie Meets Bison in Yellowstone
Common Dolphins and Pelicans Fishing
Hiking Limekiln Canyon
Orcutt Ranch - Hidden Garden #1
Dawn on the Illinois Prairie
Mountain Wildflowers in Wyoming
Wildlife Cruise on the Yellow Water, Kakadu Australia

All of these places and creatures have a stake in the future too. 

Channel Island fox
Today on The Earth

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